It’s great to look after your face, but your body deserves an anti-ageing boost too!

WE’RE often so worried about looking after our face that it’s sometimes easy to forget that our body can also benefit from a natural anti-ageing body cream.

In fact, as a qualified beauty therapist, I constantly tell people that our skin doesn’t just end at the neck.

The skin is our largest organ and all of it deserves to be pampered and kept as youthful as ever.

We spend so much on face creams, serums and toners, but it seems like we don’t bother to search out fabulous products for our bodies. Yet a good body cream will not only leave you feeling rejuvenated and hydrated, but it will help to keep the ageing process at bay.

Anti-Ageing Body Cream

I developed my own Blueberry & Lemon Body Cream at LouLouBelle London with anti-ageing in mind.

During the winter, we experience extremes of both cold and hot (due to central heating). Our skin gets drier so if you use a wonderful body cream all year round your body will thank you.

Don’t forget to either dry-brush your body before your bath/shower or to use your body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and to allow your cream to penetrate more easily.

Anti-ageing body cream ingredient: blueberryMy anti-ageing body cream includes Blueberry and Apple Seed oils because they have wonderful anti-ageing properties. Blueberry is rich in essential fatty acids, which are great building blocks for healthy skin.

Blueberry is also rich in phytonutrients. “Phyto” is the Greek word for plant and phytonutrients are natural substances that protect plants.

Together, the fatty acids and the phytonutrients form an effective – but gentle – defence system for your skin.

Blueberry Oil is similar to Rosehip Oil and is excellent for sensitive skin. It promotes elasticity and helps to slow visible signs of skin ageing. It also contains Vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, potassium, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium.

Meanwhile, I have also included Lemongrass and Grapefruit essential oils for their toning, detoxifying, purifying properties.

In my opinion, Blueberry and Lemon are a natural combination for an anti-ageing body cream – and they smell delicious!

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