Facial oil: how to pamper your skin this Spring!

NOW that the Spring is here, it’s an ideal time to give your skin a boost by using a facial oil.

With all those long winter nights behind us, your skin will appreciate a little TLC.

So treat yourself to a light facial oil, such as LouLouBelle London’s Watermelon & Cucumber Facial Oil for combination or oily skins.

It contains ingredients that are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E – and which are also highly effective for detoxifying.

These ingredients also promote healthy cell rejuvenation and can help give you a brighter complexion. The oils are light, non-greasy and melt easily into the skin, helping to restore elasticity.  

Benefits of facial oil

At LouLouBelle London we have cleansers, moisturisers and facial oils for each skin type, including a delightful Plum & Argan Facial Oil for dry skin.

Plum Kernel oil and Argan oil contain vitamins A, C & E and they absorb easily into the skin and impart a silky feel. They possess excellent healing, skin balancing and elasticity restoring qualities, and are excellent for dry, mature and sensitive skins.

Rosewood, Lavender & Frankincense essential oils are also included for their rejuvenating properties. These help to revitalise skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Working with nature

During the Spring, we get a natural lift as the sunlight on our skin boosts Vitamin D, which is vital for wellbeing.  So why not work with nature by giving your skin an additional boost!

Always use a cream cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin, but which hydrates instead. Combine this with a natural moisturiser, twice a day. For extra moisture just add a drop or two of your facial oil, mix it in with your moisturiser and spread all over your face.  For further details see our online shop or explore our website. Enjoy.


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