How can I tell what skin type I have?

KNOWING your skin type have is vital information when it comes to choosing the right skincare products.

But if you don’t already know, don’t worry – you’re not alone and it’s easy to find out.

Broadly speaking, there are three main types of skin that most beauty therapists recognise. These are Combination Skin, Dry Skin and Oily/Problem Skin.

These do not relate to the colour of your skin but instead they refer to the degree of moisture and natural oils that your skin needs in order to stay fresh and healthy.

I always say that there is no such thing as ‘ordinary skin’ – every type of skin is special and deserves to be pampered.

So how do you tell your skin type? It’s simple: just choose from the following:

Combination Skin – This type of skin tends to be dry on the fleshy part of the cheeks but shiny in the ‘T-Zone’, which is an imaginary area that runs from the chin up along the nose and then spreads out in a T shape across the top of the cheeks. You may have open pores in the T-Zone and possibly also a little shininess on the forehead. This is a common skin type that will benefit from products that rebalance the skin’s natural sheen (like my creamy Mandarin Moisturiser).

Dry Skin – People with dry skin have few visible pores, except for possibly on the nose. The skin tends to by dry all over rather than shiny in the T-Zone. This type of skin can become irritated by cold weather and may be flaky or red. It can also be prone to fine lines and wrinkles. However, if you have dry skin then fear not, you just need to choose a suitable moisturiser.  Choose gentle products that will boost hydration (try my gentle Palmarosa & Patchouli Moisturiser).

Oily/Problem Skin – This type of skin is characterised by an increased amount of oil on the skin due to over-active sebaceous glands. The skin is usually very shiny with enlarged pores throughout the facial area. It can be prone to blemishes and spots, but with a little TLC there is no reason why it should not be healthy.  If you have oily skin choose products that are purifying and anti-inflammatory (like my soothing Calendula Moisturiser).

Finally, people often tell me that they have ‘sensitive skin‘. This is not a category in its own right as any of the above skin types can become sensitive if they are in need of nourishment or rejuvenation. Here at LouLouBelle London, I believe the best way to keep your skin healthy is to choose skincare products that match your needs.

I hope this has been helpful. If you are still unsure of your skin type or if you just have a question to ask then please drop me a line.  You can contact me at .

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