Here’s what the media and beauty bloggers are saying about LouLouBelle London … including top publications like The Sunday Times, Top Sante, Tatler and Vogue!


Natural Health“The company uses its own exclusive blends using natural ingredients selected by founder Magda Thompson, a qualified beauty therapist and aroma-therapist.”


September 2019




LouLouBelle London's Mint & Lemon foot cream, as featured in The Sunday Times Style magazine“LouLouBelle London Mint & Lemon Foot Cream … The lemon oil is both refreshing and antibacterial, while the mint oils combat inflammation.”



Style magazine

(p41 Spa Special: ‘bodycare must-haves’)

January 27th 2019



LouLouBelle skincare in Natural Mumma“This Watermelon & Cucumber Facial Oil instantly plumps and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth, protected and glowing with health.

“The White Thyme & Lemon Body Oil uplifts and detoxes while adding circulation, resulting in wonderfully nourished skin.



Issue 18 – January 2019

(Reproduced with kind permission of Natural Mumma magazine)



“We’ve been incorporating LouLouBelle London’s Mango & Lime Himalayan Salt Body Scrub into our beauty regime once a week. 

“This natural body scrub blends exfoliating and hydrating Himalayan Salt with mango butter and peach oil to moisturise. The glorious combination has scrubbed away our dull, lack lustre winter skin to reveal a brighter, fresh, glowing tone ready to come out of hibernation.”


Lifestyle Magazine – February 2018

(Reproduced with kind permission of the Wealden Times)



Tatler“Check out these adorable travel-size packs from award-winning natural aromatherapy skincare brand LouLouBelle London. Contains a gorgeous-smelling cleanser, toner and moisturiser – perfect for looking beautiful on the move!”

TATLER MAGAZINE – January 2018




(Reproduced with kind permission of Tatler magazine – on sale now)



“LouLouBelle London’s natural aromatherapy skincare range is made from the best essential oils, plant essences and floral waters. The products are handmade in small batches for freshness…”

TOP SANTE MAGAZINE – December 2017




(Reproduced with the kind permission of Top Sante magazine – on sale now).



LouLouBelle London / A Literary Cocktail

“My favourite scrub is by LouLouBelle London. Using Himalayan salt, the product is very effective and leaves your body feeling super smooth and fresh which lasts long after you’ve used it. The product is preservative free, all natural and smells amazing. If you buy one scrub, make it this one!”


Carolanne Johnson (A LITERARY COCKTAIL) – November 2017



LouLouBelle London's Blueberry & Lemon Body Cream, as seen in Luxuria Lifestyle “Do you like the idea of a silky smooth body cream that’s packed with natural ingredients to help your skin to hold back the years? Look no further than LouLouBelle London’s delicious-smelling Blueberry & Lemon Body Cream, which promises to combine irresistible luxury with anti-ageing properties.

This delightful cream is the creation of former beauty therapist Magda Thompson, and it comes complete with its own glass jar that will look great in your bathroom cabinet.  The body cream recently scooped a Silver Award from a panel of 14 industry experts in the prestigious FreeFrom Skincare Awards.

LUXURIA LIFESTYLE – September 2017




“Pamper yourself with LouLouBelle Skincare’s luxurious Body & Foot Gift Box, consisting of a moisturising and uplifting duo of Blueberry & Lemon Body Cream (200ml) and Mint & Lemon Foot Cream (100ml).

“Both products come housed in beautiful glass jars packaged in a beautiful white gift box and wrapped in signature pink tissue paper tied with pink ribbon.”


VOGUE MAGAZINE – December 2016 issue








“LouLouBelle London White Tea and Pear Eye Cream – This company uses natural ingredients in its aromatherapy skincare products.

“This award-winning eye cream has a great aroma … I used this at night and my eyes felt hydrated the next morning. Perfect for the night.”


Jane Atkinson – THE SUN




voguenov16xxx“Refresh your eyes this party season with LouLouBelle London’s luxurious new White Tea & Pear Eye Cream.

“This light eye cream revitalizes by hydrating the area around your eyes, leaving skin looking and feeling clearer, softer and smoother.

“Packed with high-quality ingredients the eye cream is the personal creation of founder Magda Thompson, and recently was awarded a Bronze Award at the Free From Skincare Awards 2016.”


VOGUE MAGAZINE – November 2016 issue.





Sun Review1


“Smells lovely and is packed full of good things … my skin glowed after using it.”

Cheryl Carter – Beauty Editor at The Sun

(After trying LouLouBelle London’s top-rated  Mandarin Moistuiriser for Combination Skin)



Surrey & Times Review 300
“I was excited to try LouLouBelle’s Day/Night moisturiser set and needless to say I was impressed by the results ….”

Ria Hunt – London & Surrey Times Newspaper





“With tantalising blends like Geranium and Tea Tree, Lavender and Cypress and Palmarosa and Patchouli, LouLouBelle London is a boutique aromatherapy brand that uses natural ingredients to help make your skin feel great and smell delightful.

“It’s also reasonably priced with cleansers (100ml, £19.95), toners (150ml, £17.95) and moisturisers (50ml, £24.95).

Mary-Ann Astle – Stoke Sentinel

“Over the last two weeks I’ve ditched my usual Clinique 3 step programme to try out LouLouBelle’s Dry Skin Face Set which includes Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser.

“I cannot recommend trying out the LouLouBelle London range highly enough. Everything is mixed and made in small batches so you can be assured of an extremely fresh product that will give you a lovely healthy and natural glow – whatever your skin type. LouLouBelle London revolutionising our 3 Step skincare regime!”


I Use This –



“The LouLouBelle Lavender & Lemon Rebalancing Cleanser is just gorgeous. First of all I love any skincare products that have a citrus scents, I just find them very refreshing to use.

“Secondly I find the lavender to be very soothing on my skin. I would say this cleanser is more like a cleansing milk and every time I wash my face with this, my skin literally feels so soft, looks brighter and I see a noticeable difference right away.”

Danielle Smith –



an“The LouLouBelle Lavender & Lemon Rebalancing Cleanser is a very gentle and creamy cleanser that leaves skin feeling awake and revived.

“The essential oils of geranium, lavender and lemon aren’t too overpowering, in fact they are very subtle. My skin feels soft and smooth and is left with a healthy, fresh glow. The packaging is so pretty, and the handy pump distributes just the right amount of product.”

Anoushka –


fashion“I actually took toner out of my daily routine for a while, but with the cute little bottle I popped the LouLouBelle London Geranium & Grapefruit toner in my gym bag, I recently gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised as to how refreshed my skin felt afterwards, instead of tight and in need or moisturiser.

“It’s more like a like floral water, and there’s lots of essential oils in there so it really replenishes the skin as well as toning.” 

Josephine –


cilla“Before even opening the bottle the natural aromatherapy oils used in all of LouLouBelle London’s products create a relaxing atmosphere – making it easy to imagine yourself in your happy place while giving your skin some TLC … 

“With LouLouBelle London following your usual cleanse, tone & moisturise routine becomes something to actually look forward to at the end of a long day.”

Hannah Barnes –




“If like me you’re a huge fan of essential oils, plant essences and other natural substances, then you need to check out LouLouBelle …

“I used the beautifully scented ‘Mandarin Rebalancing Moisturiser’ for combination skin. I had to do a double take in the mirror to examine my skin as I was genuinely surprised at the radiance and even skin tone. As soon as you apply the light cream, it absorbs straight into the skin, helping to hydrate, tone and fight congested areas.”

Lauren Maher –



“This is probably the first time I’ve tried a skincare routine, whether it’s been sent to me or I’ve paid for it myself, where I’ve actually seen results and they’ve stayed …

“The products themselves are brilliant, but the designs are great too. The toner has a pump which you can turn on and off by twisting it side-to-side, which prevents loss of product when storing it. In addition, the way it was presented when it came through the post was lovely.” 


Kayleigh Bestwick –


lovelynice“Lavender & Lemon Rebalancing Cleanser – this silkily creamy cleanser is sure to leave your skin feeling truly soothed, softened and relaxed, while sumptuously indulged in a therapeutic blanket of soft essential oil aromas …

“Perfect for both a bedtime drench of sleepy scent, or a morning’s uplifting spring in your step!”

Gem Rose –



Laura Jane's review“I am in love with this thick moisturiser! The smell, the feel and the absorbing power, you can almost hear your skin whispering “thank you” as it quickly swallows it all up …

“What a beautiful range and I am so pleased with it. I also love the packaging from the chic cream box to the delicate wrapping of pink tissue paper.”

Laura Jane Style –



Shoe Floozie review

“I tried the cleanser, toner and moisturiser set for combination skin. All the products smell amazing yet not too overpowering …

“The thing I love about the LouLouBelle website is the list of commonly used ingredients and their benefits for the skin. It’s refreshing to see a beauty company be so upfront about the ingredients they use…” 

Natalie Gidley –“This is a fantastic product, very effective, great texture and leaves my skin beautifully clean and well moisturised … 

“I have already recommended to all my friends as it is well worth trying. I just love this product. It has a very nice texture and fresh scent which is not too strong.  (5 / 5)”

Lynsey Gillies –



BizzieBaby Sofeina“It has worked great for my skin .. the instructions are very clear and simple to understand and follow. I think it is very convenient as I did not need to use two different products …

“This is great value for money. I would definitely consider buying this product again. I have recommended this product to my family … (5 / 5)”

Sofeina Kouser – review

“Looked nice, large bottle, smelt lovely. Really liked the packaging, looked expensive and a product that would be used in a professional spa…

“I would definitely recommend. The cleanser had a lovely smell and felt lovely going onto my skin … It made my skin feel refreshed and smooth.”

Lisa Lloyd –




“Launched earlier this year by former PA Magda Thompson, LouLouBelle is an aromatherapy brand specialising in natural skincare products made from unique blends of essential oils.

“We spoke to Magda to find out more about her journey and how she went from working at blue chip companies to following her passion by starting her own beauty business.”

Zoe Efstathiou – The London Beauty Hub


LondonBeautyHubReview“When my cleanser arrived I couldn’t wait to start using it as the packaging reflected the brand perfectly. Retailing at a mid-range price of £19.95, I saw the cleanser as an absolute steal considering the brand’s natural and health orientated ethos.

“…I would highly recommend the products due to the brand’s natural and researched approach to providing a flawless finish for every skin type.”

Kate Haines – The London Beauty Hub


callmekatie“I found the Geranium & Tea Tree Purifying Cleanser* left my skin feeling clean, fresh, hydrated and not-at-all tight …

“But the real highlight for me was the toner. Oh, the toner! ‘Soothing’ is the first word that comes to mind when I think about LouLouBelle’s Lavender & Cypress Purifying Toner. I absolutely adore it.”

Katie Poole at


“Each product is formulated from it’s own unique recipe by selecting essential oils, plant essences and floral waters to match the task at hand.

“I think you will agree with me when I say that LouLouBelle Skincare sounds like a wonderful brand! I am sure you want to know more…”

Dee at DB Reviews



SheHearts reviews LouLouBelle London“I used the Mandarin Rebalancing Moisturiser as a day cream, it worked well to soften the skin and leave it feeling fresh. It’s a lightweight cream so your skin isn’t left feeling greasy.

“Essential oils of Lavender, Geranium and Mandarin are added to help balance the skin, improve circulation and promote the growth of new cells.”

– Laura Marie Scott,  SheHearts“LouLouBelle was founded with the intention to create beauty products that care for the skin in the most highly effective way, plus they smell absolutely delicious!

“Whatever your skin type – dry, oily, combination etc – LouLouBelle can provide the best possible care for your skin…”

– Olivia Hunter,



Hayley Kadrou tweets about LouLouBelle London“New week, new start .. including treating my skin to @LouLouBelleLDN’s natural, tailored aromatherapy skincare goodies.”

– Beauty Journalist, Hayley Kadrou


“2 weeks on & already amazing results from @LouLouBelleLDN skincare – highly recommend!”

– Beauty Journalist, Hayley Kadrou


Hollyoaks Twitter“@LouLouBelleLDN lovely stuff”

– Hollyoaks actress, Anna Passey (Sienna Blake)

“love these products”

– Holloaks make-up artist, Nicola Muldoon


LouLouBelle Skincare on The Beauty Magpie“I’ve now been using these products religiously for roughly two weeks and they have completely replaced all the other skincare products I used to use…

“They smell divine and have wonderful textures which leave my skin feeling refreshed and clean. LouLouBelle Skincare is pure luxury skincare.”

– Bryony of The Beauty Magpie



blog3“My first use of these products was this morning. My skin immediately feels refreshed, hydrated and as smooth as silk…”

– Lou Locket of  (1st article)

“My spots are no longer raised or sensitive, there are fewer of them and they are barely visible once I have performed my makeup regime, which is great. My skin feels refreshed and hydrated, smells wonderful and – for the first time in a long time, looks as healthy as it feels.”

– Lou Lockett of  (2nd article, one week later)


love logo“Get your skin ready for winter with a trio of products from worth £56. Using only natural ingredients, there is a cleanser, toner and moisturiser created for dry, oily or combination skin.”

Love It! Magazine


Aspire“For the best aromatherapy skincare on the market, Aspire would like to recommend LouLouBelle Skincare, who use only the best essential oils, plant essences and other natural ingredients …”

Aspire Magazine (Issue 372)


* For press enquiries about LouLouBelle London, please contact Gary Thompson at or call 020 7734 9995 or 07881 952 441


It is with a heavy heart that I have to let you know that I am closing LouLouBelle Skincare for now.

The pandemic and Brexit have made it all but impossible for me as a small business to continue in the current climate.

I would like to thank you all so much for all of your support over the past 6 years.

Please take care of yourselves and I hope we might meet again in the future.

Lots of love, Magda x