How to keep that summer tan!

If you’ve got that all-important summer tan after a lovely holiday, then here’s some great tips to make it last.

When we’re sporting a wonderful glow after relaxing by the pool our skin looks healthy and feels good – but it can fade all too quickly.

One way to keep your tan at its best is by exfoliating and hydrating, which is also a fabulous way to get softer skin even if you’ve not been in the sun.

This might surprise you, as some people believe exfoliating reduces your summer tan. 

However, exfoliating once a month will actually keep your tan looking smoother and more even, as well as increasing blood circulation and breaking down toxins.

Natural ingredients

You should then choose a good quality body oil or body cream with natural ingredients in order to hydrate your skin. Products containing fruit oils are perfect as these are highly moisturising. Also look for products that contain Vitamin E Oil, as this is a great anti-oxidant.

By moisturising your skin every day, you will prolong that soft summer sheen that we all love.  You can also hydrate from within by remembering to drink lots of water.

At LouLouBelle London, we offer a Mango & Lime Body Scrub that is perfect for exfoliation. It contains Himalayan Salt to remove dead skin cells. Mango and peach oil are included to keep your body soft and hydrated. Lime oil also brightens the skin.

Once showered off, our White Thyme & Lemon Body Oil is the perfect way to hydrate your skin. It has dropper stopper top to enable you to control the amount of oil that you apply.

You might also choose to pamper yourself with our award-winning Blueberry & Lemon Body Cream.  This has been described as feeling like cashmere on your skin. The body cream recently received a Silver Award at the Free From Skincare Awards 2017

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