Watermelon Seed Oil: Nature’s powerhouse for perfect skin!

FRUIT oils are natural emollients that soften and soothe – making them the perfect ingredient to help rejuvenate the skin and prevent ageing.

Here at LouLouBelle London we use a wide variety of natural fruit oils that are specially selected for their beneficial properties.

Fruit oils are generally considered to be less intense than traditional essential oils that are extracted from flowers and plants, but don’t let their mild nature deceive you.

They are extremely effective and they are highly-prized for their ability to detoxify the skin whilst retaining moisture and boosting elasticity.

Now that Spring is almost here, I’m going to be looking at a different fruit oil every week – and I’d love to hear your feedback on this subject.

One of my favourites is Watermelon Seed Oil, which we have added to our beautiful Watermelon & Cucumber Facial Oil for Combination / Oily Skin.

I adore Watermelon Seed Oil because it has a lovely light texture but it is also hugely moisturising with good absorption properties. It doesn’t clog the pores and it’s excellent at reducing pore size, making it a good choice for balancing the skin.

Watermelon is a powerhouse for your skin

It’s sometimes called Ootanga Oil or Kalahari Oil. It is a natural powerhouse for the skin because it enjoys a high content of linoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

It also contains Omega 6 essential fatty acids and is very rich in B vitamins, iron, potassium, copper, phosphorus, zinc and manganese.

If you have oily acned skin it’s perfect for you (just because you have oily skin it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add oil – that’s a myth perpetuated by companies who try to dry out your skin, which only triggers more problems).

Watermelon Seed Oil is also great for combination skin. It penetrates deep into the skin and is fabulous for sensitive skins. The antioxidants it contains can help in reducing the signs of ageing, plus it is highly nourishing and helps to restore elasticity, creating healthy glowing skin.

So go on … why not enjoy a little of what nature has to offer?

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  1. Gal February 16, 2016 at 7:40 pm #

    Very informative – i could go with some!